Energy Saving Tips

The bathroom Use water wisely Leaking tap? Will cost you money in a Excess Water Bill, repairing a leaking tap is a easy cost effictive way to reduce costs in the long run. Set the hot water temperature to 50 degrees celsius. Installing water-saving showerheads in your home will reduce the amount of hot water and energy used. Shorten showers to less than five minutes. Switch off appliances Switch off appliances such as hairdryers, electric toothbrushes and radios at the wall.

Solar PV Safety Alert!!

Do you own a Solar PV System? this may concern you. Solar PV DC isolator weatherproof issues Audits of solar PV systems have identified moisture ingress into some DC isolators (switches). This moisture ingress has the potential to result in fires. The moisture ingress could by caused by normal electrical installation practices not being correctly followed. Some examples include: - Not ensuring the cable glands used for cable entry in the isolator enclosure are correct - Using conduit without sealing of the end of the conduit appropriately - Not having the conduit or cable entry at the bottom of the isolator enclosure - Leaving holes in the DC isolator enclosure - Not properly sealing

Energy Saving Tips

Here are some Energy Saving Tips to help you save $$$ in your Living Room Switch appliances off at the wall TVs, DVD players, computers, stereos and game consoles still use energy in standby mode. When not in use, switch these appliances off at the wall. Use a power board A power board can supply electricity to multiple appliances at the same time and allows you to switch off all appliances using the same switch. Use lamps or spotlights If you only need a small amount of light, use lamps or spotlights instead of main lights. Use energy-saving globes Change your old light globes to compact fluorescent ones. How many lights are on? Turn off lights in the rooms you’re not using.

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