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Buying a new Appliance?

These energy saving big ideas will help you choose the most suitable energy-efficient accessories for your home.

Buying an appliance on impulse or to "better the Jones", May cost you more in the long run.

Research online first.

Before buying appliances, research and compare products online to see how energy efficient they are. You can compare product types and brands at

Some state government websites provide a summary of appliance running costs (per hour), which can help you select the most appropriate one for your needs.

Choose high "star" energy rated appliances

Appliances with a high star energy rating are more efficient. the more stars a appliance has, the less it uses. Appliances or systems should have a programmable timer and thermostat.

Select appliances suitable to your household and climate.

An energy saving big idea here is only buy an appliance that's suitable for your household size and won't use more energy than you need.

Also, choose an appliance that's suitable for your climate. Some appliances work more effectively depending on the climate.

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