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Solar PV Safety Alert!!

Do you own a Solar PV System? this may concern you. Solar PV DC isolator weatherproof issues

Audits of solar PV systems have identified moisture ingress into some DC isolators (switches). This moisture ingress has the potential to result in fires. The moisture ingress could by caused by normal electrical installation practices not being correctly followed. Some examples include: - Not ensuring the cable glands used for cable entry in the isolator enclosure are correct - Using conduit without sealing of the end of the conduit appropriately - Not having the conduit or cable entry at the bottom of the isolator enclosure - Leaving holes in the DC isolator enclosure - Not properly sealing the enclosure with the gaskets supplied - Not installing the DC isolator in the correct orientation required by the manufacturer. DC isolators may also be subject to damage or degradation due to the environments they are installed in. Care needs to be taken to ensure the DC isolator is properly installed, cables are properly routed into the enclosure of the isolator and the isolator and enclosure are installed and sealed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions with correct components used. On-going checks and maintenance of solar PV systems, including checking DC isolators for damage or moisture ingress, is a necessary part of owning and operating a solar PV system. If you are unsure about your system give Chris a call on 0408 072 204

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