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Clipsal C-Bus Home Control

Making your home technology friendly

It's complexity made simple. Enhance your lifestyle by combining today's modern technologies with the benefits of C-Bus.

Control is at your fingertips. Through touchscreens or intelligent wall switches - or via smart devicesa for control remotely.

C-Bus can control more than just lighting - Air conditioning, multi-room audio, windows and blinds, your home theatre, security system, irrigation, keyless entry - and more!!

Easily customisable and completely scalable. Capability and funstion combinations are endless - only limited by your imagination.

With C-Bus, elements such as lighting, audio visual systems and air conditioning can be programmed to work in unison at the touch of a button. Refferred as a 'scene', this function allows a specific mood or atmosphere to be created quickly and easily.

C-Bus reallyis the ultimate in smart home automation - Flexible, expanddable, designed to grow and complement your lifestyle of comfort, convenience, contol, security and energy efficiency.

Environexus Automation


All of the homes lighting can be controlled from the touch of a button or on instant detection of motion during the hours between sunset and sunrise. In an emergency, all lighting can be activated for care providers.


Every appliance can be monitored and controlled for safety and comfort. With the addition of auto timeout settings and status report notifications, care providers can track appliance usage remotely.

Door Locks

Receive notifications of entry and exit, whilst also allowing temporary keyless access to emergency response teams. All Door lock systems are manufactured by Lockwood and powered by Environexus.

Curtains / Blinds

Temperature levels can be maintained by allowing automated blinds and curtains to respond to  changes in the environment. In an emergency, all blinds can be opened for response teams.


Every change in the home can be monitored with Environexus sensors. Light, Temperature, Motion, Humidity and Open/Close events can trigger NEXUS devices and send notifications remotely.

IP Cameras

The Environexus Camera system takes remote monitoring to an entirely new level by offering motion detection snapshot images to be sent to a smartphone or allow a care provider to login and view the home.


The smartphone revolution has redefined the way we can monitor and control our homes. At Environexus, we believe that all users should have access to our systems, regardless of brand or device type. This is why we have created software for use on phones, tablets, computers and even smart watches. Being always connected and always in control, brings an entirely new level of comfort and safety that is required for assisted living technologies.

Apple iPhone & iPad

Currently supports all features for device control and notifications. An updated version of the application to take advantage of the Homekit capabilities in IOS8 is due for release in Q1, 2015.

Android Tablet & Smartphone

Currently supports all features for device control and notifications, in addition to full voice control, NFC (near field communication) and audio verification of events in the home.

Android Wear

Integrating wearable technology allows us to extend control into a device that is always accessible. The user can become independent by using voice commands to control devices all around the home.

PC & Laptop

The Environexus system can be accessed using a web based portal, removing the need to download any software. This makes accessing and monitoring multiple sites accessible from any where in the world.

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